The Dewsweepers

Seasons of Golf & Friendship | By: James Dodson - 2004 | Purchase Now

The DewSweepersI read this book for two reasons: I had recently moved to the Metropolitan New York area from Syracuse, New York (Where the book takes place) and I love reading stories about golf and golfers. What I could not have known at the time is how relevant the book would become for me over time.

In the Dewsweepers, James Dodson relates the tale of a group of men, called Dewsweepers because they are the first players off the tee every weekend morning. It is an eclectic group of men we come to know as they confront issues on and off the course. I literally become part of a similar foursome that played every Saturday at Maple Moor in White Plains New York for years through my late thirties and early forties until we were interrupted by the deaths over a period of a couple of years of two of our foursomes. We, like the men in the book never really interacted socially off the golf course but came to be important forces in each others lives.

This book is best read not so much for the writer's story, Free  shipping offerbut for the thousands of similar stories of men and women who are drawn together by golf which punctuates their lives and sometimes illustrates it as well.

Read it. You'll like it.

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