Men On The Bag

The Caddies of Augusta | By: Ward Clayton - 2004 | Purchase Now

Men On The BagI've been very fortunate to be able travel to Augusta every year over the past decade and attend the Masters. Each year I become more knowledgeable about the history of the event and more caught up in the tradition and ceremony surrounding one of golf's greatest events.

A few years ago, I had the pleasure of meeting Ward Clayton who had just finished a manuscript chronicling the stories of the caddies of Augusta national. Until 1983, before I began attending the Masters, these caddies formed an unbroken connection to the roots of Augusta National. Their stories, as written by Ward, are fascinating, informative and educational.

The story of the caddies of August National is brought wonderfully to life with Ward's clear, breezy style. We learn of men with names like Skinny, Marble Eye and Burnt Buscuits who looped for Presidents and Millionaires, battled personal demons and confronted being black in America while they, for the most part, kept their dignity and sense of humor.

Free   shipping offerThrough the stories of the caddies we follow some of the greatest golfers and golf victories through a significant period of time. Men on the Bag is a great read and a great addition to the library of anyone serious about the game of golf.

Ward Clayton was the sports editor of the Augusta Chronicle from 1991 to 2000. Ward has been the Director of Editorial Services for the PGA Tour since 2000. We've corresponded and I expect to see Ward early this Spring in Augusta for our annual pilgrimage to the Masters.

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